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Canada Lands Company and the MST Partnership have come together in a joint venture as the owners of the Heather Lands. The MST Partnership comprises the Musqueam Indian Band, Squamish Nation and Tsleil-Waututh Nation. Canada Lands Company is a self-financing, commercial federal Crown corporation with a mandate to reintegrate former Government of Canada properties into the local community.

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The MST Partnership (composed of the Musqueam Indian Band, Squamish Nation and Tsleil-Waututh Nation), along with Canada Lands Company, are the joint venture partners responsible for the Heather Lands. The MST Partnership and Canada Lands Company entered into an historic partnership in 2014, establishing an equal ownership interest in the lands. One hundred per cent of the site is collectively held by the joint venture partners.

This is a unique partnership and a historic milestone for Canada Lands and the three Nations' communities. Working in a collaborative manner, the MST Partnership and Canada Lands Company are looking forward to developing the Heather Lands to support shared goals and objectives.

Growing the strength of Canada's First Nations in the Metro Vancouver region demonstrates a commitment to a process of reconciliation. The lands will accordingly be developed in order to bring economic and social benefits to the Nations' members, local communities and the country as a whole. The partners aim to be inclusive and collaborative, spearheading a new relationship model for the rest of Canada between the federal government, Canadians and First Nations.

Canada Lands strives to benefit local communities by creating innovative neighbourhoods that are walkable, mixed use and environmentally sustainable in both design and construction. Informed by its comprehensive public engagement process, Canada Lands delivers projects that integrate and complement the regions in which they grow, prioritizing liveability, the environment and historical commemoration.

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The Heather Lands

The Heather Lands, located in the beautiful South Cambie area of Vancouver, British Columbia, is an exciting redevelopment project made possible by an historic joint venture between the MST Partnership and Canada Lands Company.

The 21-acre site is the subject of a comprehensive planning program overseen by the City of Vancouver's planning department. This website provides important information about: the MST Partnership / Canada Lands Company joint venture, characteristics of the Heather Lands and opportunities for the public, stakeholders and businesses to engage in the planning of this exciting project. 

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Major milestone for the Heather Lands

The Heather Lands will become χews̓ tə na̓ šxʷtə̕ na̓ χətəl ̕ / X a̱ ws̓ uÚxwumixw /  a new neighbourhood, with homes, shops, parks, daycare and an MST Cultural Centre, organized around a forest trail reminiscent of the trails travelled by ancestors of MST Nation members across the peninsula of Vancouver. There will be about 2,600 homes in buildings ranging from three to 28 stories. 

Supported by DIALOG, in early October 2020, CLC & the MST Partnership submitted a detailed rezoning application to the City of Vancouver for the 21-acre site in the Cambie Corridor. The rezoning application brings the Heather Lands one step closer to becoming reality.
Over the next 12 to 18 months, we will be engaging with City staff as they review the application and make a recommendation to Vancouver City Council.

We invite you to review the following documents related to the rezoning application:

We encourage you to visit the City of Vancouver’s Shape Your City page for the Heather Lands to provide feedback regarding the rezoning application.